Where 25 years of expertise creates an unparalleled experience in well-being tailored just for you.


At Vibe Well Exceptional Massage & Restorative Therapies we keep it simple yet effective. From therapeutic massage to cutting-edge techniques, our sessions are designed to get results. No fluff, just effective methods tailored to you.

We are not just a wellness spot; we are where practical meets mastery.

At Vibe Well, we take pride in a legacy forged through years of expertise and a commitment to continuous learning.

Co-Founder Josh Cantor brings over two decades of experience in bodywork and holistic healing.

Our journey from the vibrant streets of Chicago to our serene space in Old Hilliard reflects a dedication to transforming lives through the power of touch and mindful therapies.

We believe in the inherent capacity of the body to heal itself. Our approach goes beyond traditional massage; it's a holistic journey where every session is a personalized exploration of well-being. From therapeutic massage to cutting-edge modalities, we seamlessly integrate practices that resonate with your unique needs.

Just like a seed contains the inherent potential to sprout into a thriving plant, the human body possesses a natural capacity for self-healing. The process of planting a seed and nurturing its growth mirrors the journey of taking care of one's well-being. Through therapeutic and restorative therapies, we help to unlock the body's innate ability to heal and thrive.


Don't Just Take Our Word

Here's what our clients say about their experiences with us.

VibeWell Exceptional Massage & Restorative Therapies, led by the talented Josh, has earned a stellar reputation with a multitude of glowing reviews. Josh's personalized approach to massage therapy has left clients raving about their experiences.

One satisfied client, Cessy L, praises Josh for his ability to target trouble areas and adapt techniques during the massage. Not only does he provide effective therapy, but he also curates a relaxing ambiance in his new studio space, complete with great music.

Cessy's endorsement is so strong that she successfully convinced her husband to join the ranks of delighted clients.

Mimi, another patron, hails Josh as a miracle worker who has restored her faith in the healing power of massage. Beyond the therapeutic benefits, Mimi emphasizes Josh's compassionate nature, describing him not merely as a massage therapist but as a dedicated healer.

Stress, tension, and worries melt away under Josh's skilled hands, leaving clients with a profound sense of relaxation. Mimi's recommendation underscores the transformative impact of Josh's exceptional skills.

Adding to the chorus of praise, Maggie L commends Josh for his expertise in addressing chronic shoulder and neck pain.

As someone who struggled to find a massage therapist capable of alleviating deep-seated tension, Maggie found in Josh the perfect match.

She highlights his firm pressure and introduces others to the wonders of massage cupping, a testament to his diverse skill set.

Maggie's monthly visits and wholehearted recommendation position Josh as the forever massage therapist for those seeking relief.

Laurie A attests to Josh's top-notch skills, noting that regular sessions with him leave her, her husband, and her son feeling 100% better.

Kristin B, having recently moved and in need of a new massage therapist, discovered in Josh not only a convenient location but also a practitioner whose sessions result in pain-free days—a rarity in her experience.

Kristin is quick to recommend Josh for his expertise, easy scheduling, and reassuring attitude.

Joining the ranks of satisfied clients, Joanie W found the best hour of her week in the relief provided by Josh's hands.

She emphasizes the incredible results, encouraging everyone to experience it for themselves.

Mark A appreciates Josh's meticulous approach, combining attentive listening with a diverse range of therapies, resulting in a relaxed and refreshed feeling after each session.

Mark encourages others to give it a try, citing Josh's expertise in health, fitness, and nutrition.

Nicole R, a first-time client at 51, praises Josh's professionalism, respect, and the relaxing atmosphere of the room.

Despite the physical demands of her job, Nicole recognizes the importance of self-care and declares the first massage worth every penny.

Her decision to return twice in one week speaks volumes about the immediate impact of Josh's work.

Nicole urges others to prioritize their well-being, echoing the sentiments of the numerous clients who have discovered the transformative effects of VibeWell and Josh's massage therapy services.

This collection of reviews is just a glimpse into the extensive praise found in Vibe Well's 55 Five Star Google Reviews, illustrating the consistent excellence and transformative experiences offered by Josh's skillful hands.

Full reviews are available in the Reviews Section of our Google Business Page. CLICK HERE TO READ!

Meet Josh & Amanda

The duo behind the vibe at VibeWell, their thriving brick-and-mortar massage haven that has been a cornerstone of their family's life in Ohio for the past four years.

With over 25 years of combined massage therapy expertise at VibeWell, Josh is the head maestro. He fine-tuned his skills working with professional athletes, corporate tycoons and busy moms and dads alike in the bustling city of Chicago.

His experience extends beyond the ordinary through focused attention on continual education. Josh provides a unique blend of intuitive techniques cultivated at the intersection of athletic and therapeutic massage.

While Amanda currently utilizes her business background to function now mostly behind the scenes, she too has massage expertise and also served as a doula for a decade while in Chicago. She brings a unique understanding of the body's needs during pregnancy and beyond.

Their journey began in massage school, and over the past 12 years, they've not only nurtured a successful partnership but have also seamlessly blended their individual strengths into a powerhouse of an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

As parents to four beautiful children, they recognize the importance of finding balance amidst life's chaos.

They're excited to now offer their signature workshop, "The Couples Massage Mastery Workshop Series". This three part series is a co-created unique variation of their well-loved Massage Your Mate series formerly out of Chicago.

Josh and Amanda invite you to share in the skills and laughter that have sustained their family and enriched the lives of their clients.

Welcome to a world where massage is not just a profession but a way of life, connecting hearts and hands.

More Customer Testimonial

Here are some direct quotes from our clients who have reviewed us on Google.

We have over 55 FIVE Star Review!

"I wholeheartedly recommend Josh to anyone who's been let down by previous experiences. Five stars hardly do justice to his exceptional skills and the positive impact he's had on my life. Thank you, Josh, for your incredible service!"



VibeWell Member

"Not only is Josh personable & knowledgeable, but he truly is outstanding in his craft! If you're someone that can never find a masseuse with deep/firm enough pressure, Josh is your guy. I see him around once a month & would 100% recommend VibeWell & Josh to anyone looking for their forever massage therapist!"


Maggie Latham

VibeWell Member

"Josh is great! I have seen him several times with aches/pains and when I leave I feel 100% better. My husband and son also go to Josh . He is a top notch massage therapist!"


Laurie Abele

VibeWell Member

Best massages ever. The office is gorgeous, the music is always awesome, and Josh is friendly and relaxed. I was honestly surprised at how much he was able to relieve me from almost-constant pain. My performance at the gym improved significantly once I started seeing Josh regularly. Highly recommend!


Adam T.

VibeWell Member

Great experience at Vibe Well in Old Hilliard. Josh is simply the best. I felt the best I have in over a year. I was so impressed with not only Josh but the atmosphere too.


Julie O.

VibeWell Member

This is my second massage from Josh. The first one was so amazing that I booked another immediately, and today after my massage, I booked another for myself as well as one for my husband. It is such a blessing to have a massage therapist who is so gifted and knowledgeable with the needs of each client.


Moneen D.

VibeWell Member

Excellent massage! Josh's techniques were spot on and gave me much-needed relief. My shoulders are a pain in the neck and I always leave feeling great. I've visited twice already and have just booked my 3rd appt. I will be a long-time client!


Felicia Clark

VibeWell Member

Such an AMAZING experience! Super intuitive body work and Josh offered kind advice for self car techniques for after the massage. I suffer from upper back pain due to scoliosis and have felt a lot of relief even after just one session.


Amy Knox

VibeWell Member

I have been living with chronic pain for years. I was actually pain free and able to sleep through the night several nights in a row after my first massage.

Josh was very professional and took time to hear and respond to my individual needs.


Steven L Hinsinger

VibeWell Member

Full reviews are available in the Reviews Section of our Google Business Page. CLICK HERE TO READ!

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